We are an investment group with over CZK 2.15 billion of invested funds so far.


About the Company

We are Czechoslovak Capital Partners a.s. (“CSCP”), an investment group that was formed by the transformation of Šestý uzavřený investiční fond, a.s. (“6UIF”), a fund of qualified investors. The fund was established in 2012 pursuant to Act No. 240/2013 Sb., on Investment Companies and Investment Funds, as amended.

The fund has been active on the investment market for 9 years and has gained extensive experience throughout the entire investment spectrum.

Since its establishment, the fund (including the group undertakings) has made investments worth over CZK 2.15 billion.


CZK billion invested


open projects


completed projects

CSCP is owned by a group of investors comprising key private clients of the law firm HAVEL & PARTNERS. None of the investors, however, is a controlling person within the meaning of Act No. 90/2012 Sb., on Business Corporations and Cooperatives, as no one has at least 40% of voting rights, not even in combination with another investor. In its investment practice, CSCP makes full use of the unique legal and tax services of the largest Czech-Slovak law firm.


Since its establishment 9 years ago, 6UIF and its successor, CSCP, have invested over CZK 2 billion into a whole range of projects including investments into assets displaying legal and other defects, commercial and residential real estate (including logistics), development projects, legal disputes and other types of assets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Although we do not focus on any specific sector and we assess each project individually in terms of the feasibility of the business plan and financial model, revenues, risks and namely the personality of the individual behind the project, we invest primarily in the following areas.

As a privately-owned entity with considerable investment experience, unique personnel and a strong legal background, we adopt decisions quickly and pragmatically while also being ready to accept greater risk exposure.

Board of Directors

CSCP is controlled by its Board of Directors, which is responsible for the business management of the company and comprises three members.

Ing. Martin Sušil

Ing. Martin Sušil, CF, is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at CSCP with 25 years of experience in corporate finance, M&A and restructuring services. At CSCP, he is in charge of investment process management. During his previous career at Deloitte, Martin ran M&A, restructuring and financing projects on which he cooperated with a number of key accounts and large foreign investment banks. Before joining Deloitte, he worked as the director of the Corporate Finance and Restructuring Department at Konsolidační Banka Praha (Consolidation Bank). He also worked as a member of the governing bodies of various Czech companies and organisations.

Ing. Karel Postler

Ing. Karel Postler, a member of the Board of Directors at CSCP, has long-term experience with providing business and investment loans from both the banking and non-banking sector. Karel worked for nearly 20 years in Komerční banka where he focused not only on the provision of loans but also on loan restructuring and risk management. At the global consultancy company Accenture, Karel defined risk management strategies for financial institutions and implemented methods for their monitoring. At CSCP, Karel is in charge of risk management.

Ing. Roman Horák

Ing. Roman Horák, a member of the Board of Directors at CSCP, has been with the company since its very beginning. Until 2020, he was the only member of CSCP’s Supervisory Board. As a manager, Roman has long-term experience in banking and investments. He worked on credit transactions in several Czech banks, most recently in the Corporate Risk Management Section at Československá obchodní banka. Roman has long-term expertise in real estate appraisal and the assessment of business plans. At CSCP, Roman focuses namely on searching for investment opportunities and their evaluation.

Supervisory Board

Mgr. Marek Vojáček

Mgr. Marek Vojáček, a member of the Supervisory Board, is an attorney-at-law and the founding partner of HAVEL & PARTNERS, the largest Czech-Slovak law firm. As a member of CSCP’s supervisory body, Marek is responsible for surveillance over the activities carried out by the Board of Directors and for communication with investors who are among the key private clients of the law firm HAVEL & PARTNERS.